So as I'm getting ready to finish my associates degree in Computer Information Systems next semester, I'm also getting ready to switch it up and get into music production/technology. My question to you guys is what stuff should I checek up and explore to get me ready.

Any books, programs, websites, whatever to give me more of an insight to this type of major and job field.

Also should I go for a full Bachelor Degree in Music with a focus in Music Technology at a school like say NYU which has you audition and such, and is quite expensive, but at the same time gives you valuable internships and such.

or should I opt for going for the 3 semester Studio Recording Technology Certificate instead, where I would also get an internship and classes would usually be held at an off-campus studio and such, like would I NEED a bachelors degree to get into this business or would a certificate be worthy enough to go along with my associates in CIS.

If I do go with the Cert, I would probably continue school as well to get a full bachelors in the computer field at the same time, just take a year off for the certificate or something.
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Sorry can't help, good luck I wish you the best and good night!
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Sorry can't help, good luck I wish you the best and good night!

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Alot of people that are in the "business" suggest not even wasting time on getting a degree and advise working in a studio working your way up instead, getting more hands on experience.

Then again some guy came to my school saying that people now prefer people with training rather than starting from scratch with someone. But he was sponsored by the uni so i guess that holds no credibility.

hope that helps

EDIT: these two sites may help...


Sweet. thanks for the links, definately making me re-think about going for a full-out degree in this.

Especially that tweakheadz link. Maybe I'll just have some of my friends who are already into this stuff show me how it works and stuff and help me out, as well as go for the simple certificate instead, which also gives me an internship anyway.

Thanks for the reply