Hey all,

I'm trying to build a pedal that allows me to run my guitar either through a loop of effects or straight to the amp. eg:

position 1) input -> output
position 2) input -> effects send -> effects return -> output

I'm using a RadioShack plastic case with a metal bottom, 4 1/4 inch mono jacks, and a dpdt switch. I know I've got the wiring done correctly but I'm concerned with the grounding. Can I just ground this to the base plate or do I need to take some extra precautions to get rid of humming?

Any other input is welcome as well.



EDIT: What, no wiring diagrams? Nothing? Help please!
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You should either shield it with copper tape (with conductive adhesive backing) or [what I would do] go get a metal case from the 'Shack. Either way, make sure the input and output jacks are grounded to the case. You shouldn't need a wiring diagram since you say you know the wiring is right.