Is it worth going roundwounds for the bright tone? will it really wreck the fretboarD? opinions plz
rounds WILL DESTROY YOUR FRETBOARD!!!!! seriously dude if you wany brght play a Fender p-bass,its not worth ****ing up a beautiful fretless board
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If you epoxy the fretboard, roundwounds are not a problem. And they can give a nice "singing" quality to the "mwah" on a fretless bass.
heres another question guys, is there a point of getting a fretless set up (neck straightened and intonated or w/e)
^yeah, just use the bridge and truss rod.
with epoxy, your fretboard will take rounds well. and, as a bonus, it won't scratch as easily where the epoxy is.
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If you POLY the fretboard (so much easier than epoxy. Epoxy just makes a mess. Poly is basically like painting the fretboard) you'll have absolutely 0 trouble with rounds. If you don't, it will eat away at your fretboard. However, do not listen to WhoPhlungBass who seems to believe that putting rounds on a fretless will make the fretboard blow up.
Just FYI, if you have an Ebony or Ebonol (a fake plastic wood on the Ibanez Gary Willis and Squier VM Fretless Jazz basses) fingerboard you can safely put rounds on.
As far as I know, my fretless has no coating and the roundwounds have done nothing to damage the board yet. I would recommend using them if that's the tone you want. However, play it safe and coat it with something, because I'm probably going to regret it eventually.
Depends on the fretboard material as to how quickly they will get worn away. Rosewood will get shreded in a couple of years, while ebony will probably last 10 years or so before you need a new fretboard
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i just changed my round wound on my 5 string fretless to roto-sound tru-bass 88s there a flat wound string with a balck plastic coating, the sond from them is great a real double bass sound. Paul Mc Cartney used then on the abbey road album. it is also great for very little wear on the fretboard.
want the double bass sound then give the 88s a try.