I got a new amp today, my first amp, so i have a couple of noob questions.

First, is the amp supposed to make noise, even with the volume at the lowest setting, i can still hear a noise coming from the amp.

Second, I bought this because of its low volume tones. At this point, im not really sure how low, low is. Whenever the volume on my guitar and the amp is set low, it doesn't even sound like noise is coming from the amp. Is this right?

Third, whenever it is on Voice 16, whenever I play a string, I here another noise with it (not just the note being amplified, some buzz or something like that, is this right?

Fourth, is there any basic information I should know about tube amps or this one in particular?

Thank a lot
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darkarbiter just gave you the answer over in GG&A.

no need to create two threads as most of us in GG&A hang out here too and visa versa. plus it is against the Rules that you may need to review up in the Sticky (top) section of each Forum.

otherwise, the SuperChamp is a great little amp. hybid, but good.

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Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH

darkarbiter just gave you the answer over in GG&A.

Darn right I did!
Usually you don't make the same thread in different boards/forums. Maybe review the rules real quick?
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