has anyone else noticed that in the very beggining of final fanticy 7 there is a big poster that says loveless, and vertically next to that it says what appears to be bloody valentine, but you cant quite see all of it. later in the game cid talks about the play in midgar called loveless, which is what the poster was apparantly for, which has some sort of connection with the plot i think. anyway, i also noticed that there is a band called my bloody valentine, which had an album called loveless. i have to ask if anybody else noticed this "coincidence," if it is even in fact a coincidence at all. also on the poster in the game it says 6/25, does anyone know the signifigance of that?
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I'm gonna go with coincidence, but loveless is one hell of an album
By far it is MBV's best album, although shoegazing and RPG's aren't really my thing
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I dunno, but My Bloody Valentine are an awesome band.

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Well, the actual play for Loveless is a prophecy entailing with striking detail about the coming of Jenova.

My Bloody Valentine= Jenova's Witness?
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Yeah, I've noticed this. I'm assuming one of the developers just stuck it in as a little easter egg or something. Loveless is probably one of the greatest albums ever made though.
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