I bought this guitar from Musicians Friend in January. This guitar is amazing and im positive that whoever knows about this guitar is aware of what its capable of.

Black Cherry Quilted Maple
25.5'' scale
24 frets
EMG 81/85
Original Floyd Rose Tremolo
Set Neck with Ultra Access cutaway
Grover Tuners

I will include a coffin case for a little bit extra charge

asking 800-850

the only blemish on this guitar is a tiny ding on the bottom horn,*pictured as best as I could get it*

Specifically looking for a V with EMG's or Duncans
Schecter Hellraiser C7 w/ BKPs
Hughes and Kettner Switchblade
Boss Noise Suppressor
Ibanez TS9
Boss Tuner
Morley Tremonti Wah

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