A really nice bridge pick-up.
It came with the Tom DeLonge Fender Stratocaster.

I will take pictures upon request.
Located in Los Angeles, CA.

I'm looking for $35 + shipping.
Paypal Only.

Willing to trade for a pedal.

Thanks for looking
color, pics?
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omg ive been looking for a white invader!

i'll trade you a boss bf3 flanger pedal for that
its brand new in the box with all the booklets and papers

hit me up if your interested
If you still have this pickup I will buy it right now. I want to try it out in a project. Just PM me your paypal and I'll send you the payment with my mailing address. Thanks.
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trade for a boss chorus
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i think im gonna have to pass on the trade,

sorry for making you wait dude,

free bump for a sweet pick up
Currently planning on trading it for RabbitGuitarist's Boss Chorus on Friday.
If anything happens, I'll let everyone who PM'd/replied know.