Okay i want to get ran guitars to build me something decent. However i have a few questions i need answered

1) Is it possible to get any other type of wood besides maple to make a ibanez wizard thick neck without it warping? I would prefer a dense wood on top which can be set rather than neck thru maple. Would carbon fibre rods help this?

2) I want a 7 string, but i need a smaller scale neck than the 26 inch hellraiser i have because the lower frets make playing tough for my smaller hands.What scale length is useable for 7s in regular tuning without intonation problems? In addition is there a big difference between the lower fret (1-12) sizes on the 25 inch scales and 26s?

3) Has anyone tried experimenting with a few different types of wood like bubinga, koa etc? i want a guitar that is well balanced and not too dark like the hellraiser and was also wondering if 3 woods on a guitar eg walnut neck mahogany body and maple cap would work well?

4) does anyone know if there is much difference by putting a maple cap on compared to having a maple neck, in terms of brightness and warmth? I want a non maple neck so the guitar is well balanced like a prs.
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carbon fiber will help, but carbon fiber in a neck is way too much. basically any decent neck wood, bi-laminated....(take the wood, rip it down the middle, flip one side over, then glue it back) will not warp, ever... assuming it is finished correctly. maple, mahogany, etc.

If you want it to be really invincible, put a strip of bubinga, or ebony, or a very hard-wood down the middle of it.
if 26 is too big for you try 25.5 but 25.5 is the absolute lowest i would go for a 7 string, i'd prefer a 26 personally because it would make the strings sound "tighter" in the literal and sound sense but 25.5 is the absolute lowest id go without making the B string sound like mush
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