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please let me know what you think
if u have time, crit them all... and ill return the favor

I haven't got time to crit all of them but il do as many as i can if you crit mine?

Send eleven. I love the intro. What are you using to record these? The solo is pretty good. For some reason i thought of hanger 18 by megadeth while listening to it.

The only thing i didnt like about it realy was the lack of vocals.

ILB. I didn't like the riff as much as i liked Send Eleven but it was still pretty cool. At about 1:10 theres like a wah thing happening and i realy liked that. Fit in perfectly with the song. I also liked the solo thing at the end in the fade out.

If they had vocals and they would be amazing songs.

Crit mine?
I liked lead work in Send Eleven, especially around the 2 min mark
The jam very mellow and grovvy, not my style of music, but I enjoyed it.
I really liked the intro riff to ILB, although the fade out happened to soon and I wanted more.

All in all, very good job, but you really need to get vocals in there, you will have some amazing songs after that.
Send Eleven... great stuff! Very Dream Theater. My main critisism it that there's no bass or it is inaudiable. Also the solo (2;00) didn't really seem to fit. I'm sure if you played it in the right key, it would sound great. It also seems to fade out a bit quickly. Maybe it could be an epic masterpiece nearing the 10 minute mark.

Wicked Jam... the prove is in the name. A bit of a Joe Satriani influence there? Very clam and mellow. I can imagine this being in a movie soundtrack. Don't know how, but it sounds like it should.

ILB. A very 'Metallica' track. Could do with some vocals as well. Perhaps in the style of early day Hetfield or Mustaine? Also, pretty much the same as 'Send Eleven'. Great stuff, could have been longer.

overall great stuff, but build on your ideas. get some more progressiosn in to those snogs

crit mine if you have the time
hey man, how's it going?

anyways, i check out "ilb" ...the intro was very atmoshperic. you did a great job setting the mood. panning was really well done. riffing was pretty good. i liked the endings for each line. good ideas.

i thought the bass could be more prominent, and maybe less fuzzy...if that was bass...i'm not sure.

the drums were excellent. what did you use?

one thing i though was lacking was a cool solo. besides the one on the fade out.

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