I just watched headbangers ball tonight with my house mate. I looked at it and saw everything I don't wanna do! Every band was ripping off of Killswitch: Engage. Shadows Fall, and Slayer! Granted I love all of those bands and support them by buying tickets each time they come to town. But then I took a look at some of my recent work and realized I am doing the same thing!!!! I myself have gotten stale!! What do you, my contemporaties at UG do to try and create new things? I've got songs very different from theirs but my recent ones are very stock like that! How do you look outside the box personally? I seem to be in the box now and need help out!!
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
Dude, it's MTV.

Stop watching.
Now it's 1984
Knock knock at your front door
It's the suede denim secret police
They have come for your un-cool niece
well, generally, the last band i listen to before i write something has a great effect on what i produce.
i try not to listen to other people's music before i write my own.
Fuck bitches and get money son truf

No but seriously, before you decide to make a song cut yourself off from music for like a week.