So here's my slight variation of Sunshine of Your Love by Cream. I made the riff a bit jazzier.

Just me and a couple of acoustics, recorded on my built-in laptop microphone. It's got a pretty high self-noise, which I tried to correct with a noisegate, but didn't entirely succeed.

Anyway, all thoughts are appreciated, C4C.


It's in the song list.

Thanks in advance!
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pretty good, but your acoustic tones sound like hell... you need new gear... nice vocals for the most part and playing
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sounds good mate ! add some percussion like shakers and stuff and it would be so sick!!!

great job!!!

well.. you made a few mistakes but thats ok! we all do! The concept is right there! Tighten it up a bit and it will be hot!!!
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pretty good, but your acoustic tones sound like hell... you need new gear... nice vocals for the most part and playing

Yeah, I agree entirely, but I'm recording on my laptop microphone. I have some other microphones, but they're in another location kinda far away. Luckily, I'll be in that area soon, so I should have them back soon.

Thank you for commenting.
I have never heard the original so i cannot really do comparison or anything. I think that the guitar work was nice, definitely more complicated that i can play. I think your recording is pretty good given the limitations of your equipment. You could probably make the vocals sit back a little bit in the mix, but other than that sounds pretty good.
Well, I wanted it sound kind of close, but hey, that's a legitimate thought, so I'll probably give that a try later.

Oh, and the guitar is insanely simple, I could probably tab it out if anyone's interested.

Thank you for the comment.
That was really good man I think your voice fits very well with the style of music, I really like it man. The only thing like some other said would be to get a nicer sounding acoustic. Keep em coming
I like it, the tone on the acoustic is a little rattly though. The vocals are very good, and they fit well with the style of the guitar (which is sick by the way!). The solo is awesome. It just needs some percussion or drums. And it would sound awesome. Maybe some slide guitar. Good quality. Overall a very nice cover, I like the "Ooooo's".

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