What are the gauge of the strings they give you when you buy a guitar? I'll be changing my strings for the first time come next week and I like the strings size I have now.
Dean VX
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I dont think there's a standard...
It's like Superman reading the teachings of Jesus. The two greatest musicians on Earth hath combined forces. I officially quit music, as it has reached it's zenith with that cover.
Probably a gauge 9 set. Ask the guy at the guitar shop if they can measure it using a micrometer. Usually they do it
guitars usually come with either 10's or 11's

vary rarely 9's as they are just ridiculously thin
9's if you like them lose. 10's if you want them a little thicker with more tone. I put 9's on my strat and 10's on my LP because they have a shorter scale.
Moi Godin Freeway Floyd ( ) came with 9-46 gauge strings, but while I was there I got them (for free ) to slap on some 10-52's tuned to D - and of course they setup the floyd/action/neck and everything too .