I bought my first guitar about a month and a half ago, and from my guitarist friends, the strings suck. They came with the guitar already, and apparently they're too long and they won't tune too well. I was wondering, how much does it usually cost to buy decent strings and get them restrung(I bought my guitar at Guitar Center and was hoping to get the strings from there too). Also is it hard to restring? If not I'll just look it up myself, but if it seems like something too difficult for a beginner I can ask for them to do it first.

All help appreciated.
Strings won't be too long, you string them and tune, then trim them down to size. It's not at all difficult to restring a guitar, what's more difficult is explaining it. Look on Youtube for instructional videos, there are too many to count. I would recommend you doing it yourself.
As far as price, a set of strings can cost in the range of 5-10 dollars.
the difficulty of restringing depends on the kind of guitar you have, but it usually isn't that hard, there are some good guides online, I would suggest a google search of just "how to restring [whatever guitar you have]"

as for the price, strings are usually $8-$15 depending on the brand you get, it can get more expensive, but my experience is you typically don't need to spend $20+ to get decent strings
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Who's in a bunker?
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Women and children first
for a pack of string. probably 12-15 dollars they wil lget the job done,

if u never restrung before, ask the guy at the store can u show me, then ull be set its a very basic procedure, nothing to hectic.

the size of ur strings, ask for .09 there an all rounder set of strings and u should feel comfy until u develop ur style
maybe their dead..cause factory strings from what i found..suck ash
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I've used Ernie Ball Slinkies Custom Guage (the pink package) for a few years now, and I haven't broken one yet.
they've got great tone and are really inexpensive...
right now, you can get three sets for around 15 bucks
What strings do you guys buy for 8-15 dollars? O.o
Mine only cost $5 a pack, and I get D'Addarios or Ernie Balls.