Ok. So I have 2 hard disks each having a capacity of 35 GB. Now my brother's friend did some tweeking on my computer and he was able to add another 35 GB of memory without adding another hard disk. (I don't know how he did it or I don't mind if he did.) So I have a total of 105 GB of memory so to speak. Previously, I was running on 1 GB of RAM but one card got busted and I had to settle for a 516 MB of RAM. So my setup right now is 516 MB RAM:105 GB disk space. My computer is acting kinda weird lately and it keeps on locking up and I have to restart it more often now. Need suggestions. And don't tell me to smash my computer to pieces. Ok? LOL
Let's make everything SIMPLE shall we?
check if the other ram stick is okay...ask what your brothers friend did to your computer...maybe he just took a **** in it and it was magic **** so it made the storage of ramz in your computer rise!
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when it freezes it could be a hard drive problem, the cpu may not be able to handle it and the hard drive may slowly be karking it, so soon ull probably have a big blue screen saying how corrupted ur comp is, get it checked
My computer is going 4 years old now. I didn't replace a single component. I'm still running XP SP1. It works for me though.

These are my specs as of the moment:
Hard disk - 105 GB
Memory - 512 MB DDR PC 133 (outdated I know...)
Processor - Intel Pentium 4
Motherboard - Intel
Video Card - Radeon 9200 SE
Sound Card - Creative Sound Blaster Audigy

I am not that techie and these are everything that I can tell you. I am thinking of removing the added disk space. What do you think?
Let's make everything SIMPLE shall we?