Hello, for about the last 6 months or so I've been in the market and have been researching electric guitars to replace my less than satisfactory current guitar.

In recent weeks I have found myself looking closely at Schecter Guitars and more specifically the Schecter C-1 Plus. However, today I saw that between the C-1 Plus and the C-1 Classic there was a difference in wording when describing the necks.

The difference in their necks was the C-1 Plus had a set in neck and the Classic was constructed with a "neck through body" neck.

From pictures (provided below), there seems to be no difference in my eyes, but perhaps someone else can lead me in the right direction.

Set in Neck (Schecter C-1+):

Neck through Body (Schecter C-1 Classic):

Thanks in advance.
neck throu = right throught the body = lots of sustainsustain.
set nek= its glued i think? to the body u cant really tell unless you look clossely that its glued well on the hellraiser you cant really theres jsut a slite colour change.= more sustain
bolt on= nailed to the body = **** in my opinion there uncomftable
A set neck is basically a bolt on, only instead of using bolts, the neck is glued to the guitar TIGHTLY. Then they sand it down to make the transition smoother, so higher frets are easily accessible.

A neck-thru is basically ONE piece of wood, IE, even if the neck and body were different woods, they're molder together. This (to me) usually gives the best upper fret access. Then set neck or some nice bolt ons, but most bolt ons are total crap (to me) compared to the other types.

But I know both Satch and Vai prefer bolt ons - they're even the bulky ones. It's all personal preference. Some claim each is better, but each has good examples and bad examples.
have you seen the C-1 Elite?
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you see the stripe running down the classic? thats the same piece of wood as the neck. crazy right? but thats the principal

bolt-on= really great neck pup tone if its single coil
set-in or neck-thru= just get this, you'll like it much better
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Since this is on the topic of Schecters and necks..

Can anyone tell me about the neck profile of a schecter c1+?
Is it ESP LTD thin? Or Gibson Epiphone thick?
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To answer Moe, the necks are pretty thin, but to me, my hand fits around it like a glove and feels good.

Also, thanks everyone for answering quickly, but I have one more question, would it be worth $150 more for a neck through body versus a set in neck?
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Since this is on the topic of Schecters and necks..

Can anyone tell me about the neck profile of a schecter c1+?
Is it ESP LTD thin? Or Gibson Epiphone thick?
More like a Gibson.
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More like a Gibson.

Alright, thanks!
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More like a Gibson.

I have a Schecter Damien and my freind has a LTD Alexi-200 and i feel that the schecter is thinner

Anyway does anyone know if all Schecters have the same neck thickness? Because i like the schecter damien neck and im gonna get the hellraiser and i want the same neck.
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I disagree. The neck on my LTD is way thinner than the neck on any Shecter I've ever played. Schecter necks are known for being a little on thick side, more like a GIbson neck.
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are there any advantages to thick necks

More weight, more sustain, more comfortable to form chords.
so a little of topic, you guys explained the neck thru and the set neck but what is a set thru neck. the guitar im gonna buy has one and im a little curious as to what that means.
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are there any advantages to thick necks

They are more comfortable to playing that requires little stretching. I however see that as a limitation, I rather have the ability to stretch crazy and fast. Thats how i form all weird sorts of chords, and sounds.
i've played a few c-1's and the necks are thick but really comfortable but i just prefer thick necks at least i dont have the feeling that i'm gonna break the neck in half :|
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