anyone have any?

and how do you get them - do you approach company x and say you want to endorse their products or do they approach you?

and does anyone know what kind of deals you get? ie free guitars/money or whatever

im just a little curious about them
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There was an article in a guitar magazine years ago about this (that I lost, of course).

From what I remember, alot of it has to do with your status as a musician and how much you really use the product. Kirk Hammet went around brandishing ESP's for years until finally they gave him his own series. You pretty much have to be in the scene to get an endorsement. The companies want someone who's in the magazines all the time or out touring that are waving their stuff around.

As far as getting free stuff, you don't get as much as you think. They may give you one or two guitars, but you don't get everything handed to you all the time.
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