hey, im planning on doing a new guitar for summer. i want to get the parts and build it but am a little iffy on some stuff. i'll try and list just my basic things. its going to be a three hb les paul. suggestions are welcome for everything.

first, what to do for the body? i want it to be relatively inexpensive but sound good. byoguitar.com has a body but its basswood and a maple top and warmoth has bodies too. i was wondering how good basswood is compared to say mahogany? also open to suggestions fo a body.

second, i plan on doing custom inlay on the neck and head and wonder if anyone happens to know somewhere good for that. its going to spell out "sandman".(this guitar is going to be a dream guitar if anyone knows the sandman series)

third, i would also like to know what some decent pickups are. id like a nice range of sound and also plan to coilsplit and have some push/pull pots so theres not much problem getting different sounds.

fourth, is it possible to get a tremelo on a les paul? ideally id want one but every lp i see has the tune-o-matic bridge. id look forward to a wilkinson or floyd rose but if i cant oh well.

fifth, this things gonna have a really complex finish. it (ideally) is pretty much gonna be a portrait and comic strips. (for sandman fans reading it should have an up-close of morpheus on the far left and then various sandman comics) does any one have any recommendations? i dont want to have to paint it myself but i will if i have to.

thanks for any help. sorry this is so long but i want this to turn out well and you guys are the best at this. hopefully when its done ill post pics. thanks!
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