Well we got hese to choose from:
VHT Deliverance 120 Guitar Head Amp
VHT SIG:X Series 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head
VHT G-100-CL Pittbull Hundred/CL Head
i wouls suggest the VHT Pitbull UL but damn its pricy, so please if anyone knows anything about these amps please help me on a lil info thanks.

(sounds i like: Unearth, Killswitch Engage, Megadeth, Children Of Bodom, Slayer, Buckethead, Lamb Of God, Eric Clapton, All that Remains, Trivium, Iron Maiden, Dethklok, Racer X, Yngwie Malmsteen, Job For A Cowboy, Metallica, Joe Satriani, Sonata Arctica, Pantera, As I Lay Dying, Chimaira, Bullet For My Valentine, Dragonforce, Hammerfall, Nevermore, Journey, Boston, .38 Special, Devil Driver, Atreyu, In Flames, Steve Vai, High On Fire) and bunch more that i think of atm =p
why only VHT? i odnt know much about them but im just curious as to why only VHT? There are plenty of other great amps thast will do those tones?
If you need the ability to change between clean and distortion, the Deliverance isn't for you. Unearth uses these.

If you like the Deliverance and want a switchable clean channel plus some a few more options, get the Sig X.

The CL is a bit different than the Deliverance and Sig X, I really can't explain it between the 3 so I'd really just suggest you try it.
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well i really like vht cause one not many people use them and that the sound too me is pretty crazy but yea im also looking at the Engl Savage also idk im like a kid in a candy store idk what to pick erg
well im also wanting a Mesa Triple Recto ehhhhh idk what to pick VHT, ENGL. Mesa FFFFFF************************KKK haha
Check out the Mesa Road King II. It beats almost all of them on versatility.
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You should go to a dealer for all three and try em all out side by side and pick em apart completely.
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i would love to go try them out, but i live no where close to any dealership my info is going based off of you tube, reviews, and whatever you guys are saying thats why im like "Huh?" haha sad huh? haha but hey at least i know witch guitar im getting thats for sure its got EMG's and its an ESP thats all im going to say
Well, what are you looking to spend on an amp? Are you looking for VHT only?
Well if youre set on VHT, I'd say get the CL100 and push it with a tubescreamer. Youll get sick tone and itll be awesome. Id really try your best to find someone or a place with the amps, maybe not all of them at once, but just try them all out vigorously.
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Well since im saying VHT Mesa ENGL of coarse the price is going to be like what $1900 and up!?!? so yea i got that much + another $1000 for the cab so id say about $3500 i got to spend, and yea i will try to make a trip this week or next to Hollywood mesa store is there and sam ash and Guitar Center all on one street its only a couple hundred miles away but it will be worth it haha