so, my question is
how can i record stereo with that and how to play midi files in the background
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MIDI is only data, not audio...

and for stereo recording you will have to use an input other than the mic port since that product only has one input...which is mono.

I dont have that product but im sure the manual has a chart showing the inputs of the back panel. I think theres some RCA ins on there which you could use with a small mixer...
But I would personally upgrade the interface before going with a mixer...It's more cost efficient.
There's a line-in, which can carry stereo signals. As for MIDI, if you have the files already and set up in your software (ie: played notes and set it up an instrument plugin), it'll play automatically. If you want an interface with MIDI (if you didn't buy a USB keyboard), then I'd suggest returning the Fasttrack and going for this Tapco Link.USB.

Rear of Fasttrack: http://www.m-audio.com/images/global/media_hqpics/thumbnails/FastTrack_back_RGB.jpg
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I got the Fast Track USB about a month ago but haven't played around with it very much. I don't think you can record stereo with it though.