We're new (almost 1 year new ) metal band from Czech republic. Band members are:

Jindra Michalik (Jundrix) - keyboard, vocals, music composer and lyrics writer
Honza Orsula (Orchy) - lead guitar
Milan Cernil (Milanc) - lead guitar
Karel Fridrich (Kadl) - rhytm guitar, vocals
Honza Cermak (Cermi, Banana) - bass guitar, vocals
Jirka Michalik (Jirkue, Ue) - drums


On myspace is only one song (and our first, that is written to be very easy to play, because we were guitar begginers) named "Shark". We're going to record another songs after school-leaving exam, so in june there will be lot of new songs. Thanks for reading and please write here your opinions