hey guys

Is it possible to play drums quietly and well?

i know stuff like hotrods exist but to play quietly dont you lose the momentum from the bounce back or something?

Thanks for help

^ hahah funny, your probably can't play them.

Yes. You can use an electric kit or just play more softly using lighter sticks.

or simply just don't hit as hard.
You could get flats or an electric kit.
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You could get a mute kit, which you put over all the parts, makes the drums sound like crap though.
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use your fingers instead of sticks.

I have no idea other than the ones that have been mentioned
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My mate used to put towels and stuff over the drum kit to quieten it down. Works, but it muffles it a bit. Makes the snare sound a bit weird. Dunno how you'd work that for the kick drum though.
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