Guys im looking to buy a new guitar, been playin for 4 years and i mostly play heavy metal/progressive rock.

My budget is about $500 and would love something like a flying V - was thinking of the ESP alexi-200 but not really sure.

Can you give me suggestions on what is the best metal guitar for my price range, cheers.
jackson makes good guitars, but the really good jacksons are a bit out of you price range.
same can be said about esp.
if i were you, i'd go with the esp, but thats just me.

ibanez is good too
I've never actually tried Alexi's signature, but it seems like a decent guitar. If you're okay with just having a volume knob and taking care of that Floyd (might be a low-end version though). I'd check out other ESPs, and of course Ibanez--maybe an RG-- makes good guitars. I suggest trying them out in a store, and if it has a floyd, make sure to get it set-up (and know how to do it yourself) before you leave with it.
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cant go wrong with an ibanez


where did you come up with that?
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