Hello! This is my first time taking part in the forum...

Here is my problem.

I've got a Epiphone Les Paul Custom Alpine White, a guitar I'm sure everyone of you know.

I wanted to change it's mics, but I cannot decide.

People told me:

Put some actives, some EMG ZW set.

Or, put Seymour Duncan, a '59 on the neck and a JB on the bridge.

It is expensive for me, and that's why I want to have good references before buying.

Could you please tell me?

PD: About the EMG, friends told me they had a pre-amp. Something that makes every guitar sound the same. An incredible sound, but the same on every guitar.
But, instead, they told me that the SD take the sustain of your own guitar...

Am I right? I don't know what to do! Please help!

PD2: Talking about the fashion of the guitar: If I put the EMG, it would look nice because of it's black cover but... if I put the SD, would I have to leave the mics uncovered? They told me it tend to coupling (I'm not sure if this is the word... you know, like when the volume is really high with distortion and makes that f.... noise that burns your ears :|)

PD3: Sorry for my English, I'm from Argentina

Thank you!
you can get white covers with emgs if you want them, if you got duncans you could request that they put covers on when you order them or you could do it yourself (if it not insanely difficult and there's a thread aruond here i've seen that is an excellent guide).

You might be curious to try a duncan jazz bridge/jazz neck in your guitar, they can come with covers if you want (chrome and gold i think) or black and a few other colours if you're interested. just be sure to request they are wax potted so they do not feedback ( I believe feedback is the word you were trying to convey although you could mean something else).

it all depends on what kind of sound you want. most guys who put duncans in les pauls use somethin like

pearly gates bridge/neck
59 bridge/neck
jazz bridge/neck
alnico 2 pro bridge/neck

my favourite is the two jazz pickups though, makes the les paul sound really responsive, tight, and can sound heavy as all hell.

ive also owned an emg 81/85 (exact same thing as the wylde set) and i didn't really care for them, they're good for really really heavy metal but they sound too compressed and processed for my ears, but it's just a matter of taste i guess.
goodluck with your quest to find the right pickups.
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the seymour duncans do not take the sustain out of your guitar. they do not make that feedback usually (the noise you're talking about). You can get the Seymour Duncans in gold, white, black, zebra, chrome, or most colors if you order them.

EMG's DO have that preamp that for the most part, makes them sound 99% the same on guitars in my opinion. if you liked the EMG's more you can also get them in white to match your guitar
Give DiMarzio a try, I love them with a passion.
What styles were you trying to achieve, metal, classic rock..., what type of amp do you use, effects that will/are in your chain...
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First of all, thanks for your help.

It was feedback the word, yeah

Well, I entered to the EMG and SD websites and downloaded some demos.

And now, I think it would not really matter if the cover is gold, black or white.

I think that, even without cover, if they are Seymour Duncans, they would be awesome.

What do I play... I love heavy metal. But I also like a lot of other genres.
For example, I listen Black, Thrash, Death, Power, a lot of genres of metal.

Obviously, hard rock and heavy metal too.

But, I don't think the EMG would be the best option. Maybe you are right. It would be too much heavy.

But.. I'm still deciding. So... try, please, to tell me more details. Or references from friends who use those pickups.


PD: I'm deciding for now for the SH-1 '59 on the neck, and SH-4 JB on the bridge...
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It's hard to choose pups for your guitar. On my custom handmade guitar I have D'activators in both bridge and neck. On my Gibson SG I have SD Pearly Gates in bridge and SD Alnico Pro II in neck.

Both sets are great pups. The D'activators are great with hard rock and metal while the SDs handle the softer stuff. That's not to say they can't do everything, they can. It's just that one pup are more suited to a genre than the other.

EDIT: I forgot to mention my old Agile LP guitar. It has EMG 81-60 pups in it. They sound damn good. Like the others said, they sound compressed but they do sound good.
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nacho, i used the jazz set in my les paul studio and i play mainly thrash and they sound really good, there's a guy on the duncan forums who posted some death metal style stuff with them if you're interested in hearing it and if i can find it
My band (Vocals/Lead Guitar)

(Main) Gibson LP Studio (Duncan JazzB/Jazzn)
(B) Fender Strat (Lace Sensor Red/Silver/Blue)
(BU) BC Rich NJ Exotic Classic Rich Bich (Mustaine LW)
Amps: Line 6 HD 147
Try Bare Knuckle.
Little pricey but amazing.

Try Cord's custom pickups here too, he'll give a 10% discount on custom wound pickups for you.
They're already cheap too and sound great.
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