Alright, I only have the first verse to this song but I wanted to share it with everyone

Spent so much time, sharpening pencils
Spent so much time, folding the lines
I hope that I, stay in the borders
I've been taught well, I should be fine.
There's not much I can say with there only being one verse, lol, but what you have so far is quite nice.

It's simplistic, almost child-like in it's theme but that's not a bad thing. It makes it easy to follow and the simple rhythm that runs through the verse helps it to flow really well. Hope you post the rest of the song up soon because I'd like to see how this piece turns out.

Could you take a look at my latest piece, here's the link: To You I Bid Farewell and Goodnight (Your Lullaby)

Thanks alot!