Hello, my old amp stopped working, it lost its sound when i started to play. So im looking for a new amp around $200. I would like this amp to be able to play melodic metalish, hardcore, punk. Think of bands such as A Wilhelm Scream, Trivium's lead guitar, also the sound of like "canon rock".

Ill be running the amp through my 'EH metal muff'

Thanks D:
what kinda guitar do u have. i would reccomend a roland cube series amp or something like that. 200 bucks isnt gonna get you too much for a metal sound
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Get a Microcube or a Cube 30 from Roland. Great practice amps.
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get a crate gtd120 it is the best metal amp for the price!

No, it's not.


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Okay, ill give you some more information. I use an ibanez RG370. and this is for practice / band recording. I think 30-50 watts will be enough. So the Roland cube is good? Anyways, keep more suggestions coming guys and thanks!
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So the Roland cube is good?

Not if you're using the pedal...
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Yeah, im going to be using the pedal..but sometimes not I suppose. I'd just need an amp that can get me reasonably close to the sounds I listed.