Hey whats goin on everyone I'm new here and needed alittle help , I'm looking to pick up one of the cheaper telecasters soon. but i was woundereing i know they dont have a decent set of pickups, What kind of pickups would be good for heavy rock or metal? i tryed to ask the people at guitar center and apperantly they hire people who don't know a damn thing about guitars. Any help? Let me know! My email is louosmundson@yahoo.com
switching pickups shouldnt make that much of a difference. if your that picky.. then just buy a stratocaster
if you looking for a telecaster that does metal well then might i suggest the Jim Roots (Slipknot/Stone Sour guitarist) model: http://www.fender.com/products/search.php?partno=0134444706 might be a bit over your budget though.
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well.. telecasters aren't really metal sounding guitars.. but their not terrible sounding guitars.. they're just really treble ended and thin.
assuming you don't have much to spend... you'd probably be spending more money modifying a telecaster then buying a cheap guitar with a 'metal' pickup.
I don't mean so much metal. but like a heavy rock kinda sound...almost like stone sour or the heavy side of dream theater
i never listened to those bands, so I can't speak for them.. but i'm pretty sure youll get a satisfying tone out of whatever kind of telecaster you get. You can get a hard rock tone just from your amplifier.
the sweet thing about telecaster pickups.. is that their kind of designed to push out more treble.. and they are extremely thin sounding. notes and chords are easy to distinguish, even playing with distortion. if your into lead, then you might like it the way it is.

but like if you want a deep thick kind of sound.. you can get a guitar for like $150 with a humbucker setup. rather then getting a tele for like 200 and whatever else more getting pickups and modding it.
whats your price range?

ive got 2 teles and love em. 1 is duel single coils factory setup, the other is duel HB with 4 push/pull pots and new pickups. spent $4-500 on the single coil, spent under $150 (i got a steal on it cause the electronics were a nightmare, $30 for neck body and pickups, dimarzio virtual pafs i think) and invested 10 hrs or so into restoring it and some money on the pots, strongs, wire and etc BS. honestly the 2 HB one is probobly what your looking for. every one of my guitar playing friends love it, and they have everything from american fender srats to Gibson LP's and SG's, and i still get compliments on it daily. my buddy, and lead guitarist who has a esp and love playing heavy and the sort now likes this one better than his. yet with a pull of the bridge tone i get a awesome reverse phase tone that sounds like 50's blues coming out of a very expensive guitar/amp combo