I've got:

a Seymour Duncan SSL-5 Custom Staggered single coil pickup - $40.

^Here's a pic of the wires up close. The original owner had clipped one lead to short, and lengthened it by soldering a new wire to it and used heatshrink over the wire.

a Sennheiser e835 microphone- $70

They've both got a fair bit of use, but definitely still "gig-worthy" as they say.
The SSL-5 is a bridge position single coil, for those who like it hot. I needed something with less output, but if you want to play hard rock with your single coil Strat, this might be it for you. The leads are long enough to reach the pickup selector and whatnot.

I'm also willing to trade the Sennheiser for a Shure SM57.

Hit me up. I would really prefer Paypal, and I would prefer to keep this to the continental US.
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Pics of the pickup? (I know they're on the way, I'm just posting here so I can find the thread again to check )
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less headroom than the windsor head? what, does it distort before you plug it in?


I'm considering the Mic btw...
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I've got a shure SM57. Dunno if you can be arsed to post yours to England though. Thing is though the SM57 is actually a more expensive mic than the Sennhieser and mine isn't all beat up, either. So i don't really think a straight swap is really a very good deal tbh.

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how is that solder joint? since its heat shrinked, ill assume it was done well.
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