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So, for my birthday, I was surprised to be offered a choice of MP3 players. I used to have an ipod, but some **** nicked it so I've been using my Walkman phone and am pretty happy with it. Problem is, I only have a 1GB memory card, and I've been hitting that limit very often. I also asked for a ton of CDs for my birthday, so I'll need more space. My choice is right now - a 4GB ipod nano - the little stubby version, or an 8GB Creative Zen. In the dixons taxfree store, the Zen (1st link) is almost £10 cheaper than the nano (2nd link), and it has twice as much space. But I like using Ipods, and I use Itunes for all my music library anyway, so it would be pretty handy.Of course, seeing as the Zen is cheaper and bigger, I think it might be a better deal.
What do you guys think?

Zen. I've been through 3.
None of them have ever let me down.

EDIT: by BEEN through 3, I mean the first was stolen a while back, the second I've had for a while and the third I got recently, since 2gb just isn't enough to hold the amount of music I listen to anymore.
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zen all the way
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I'd go with the ipod, I have a creative zen, and it freezes up every now and then and you have to press a small button with a pin to reset it which is a real pain in the ass even though it doesn't happen much.

Though ipod could have similar problems I don't know about.
I'd get the Zen.
I've got one and it's never caused me any problems and it's got a memory card slot so the memory is pretty much unlimited.
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If you're already using itunes though, it'll be easier to get the ipod.
The Zen supports AAC so there'd be no difference. all he has to do is install creative media jukebox and import his existing music. Or do what I do with my zen vision and use winamp.
pay a bit more (around £100 instead of £75) and get a 30gb Zen Vision: M

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I'd go with the ipod, I have a creative zen, and it freezes up every now and then and you have to press a small button with a pin to reset it which is a real pain in the ass even though it doesn't happen much.

Though ipod could have similar problems I don't know about.

Only happened once in the past year with my Zen Vision M.

The Zen is my choice all the way. I've no regrets about not getting an iPod and would get another Zen if I needed to ever get one.

On another note, I never use iTunes so don't know if Zen works with it (apparently it does from above) but I know that not only does it work with the software that comes with it, but windows media player works with it, it can run WMA (which as far as I know is smaller file size per quality than MP3) and other files that iPod doesn't.

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pay a bit more (around £100 instead of £75) and get a 30gb Zen Vision: M

I've been through 2, love it. I rarely have to convert a video for it.
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zen. for sure. I love mine so much more than my ipod.
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Get a ZEN, without a shadow of a doubt it is the best choice of the two.
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I'm not anti-iPod, in fact I have one, but get the Zen for the memory.
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the ipod is easier for getting your music, but they change the ipod a lot so you're likely to have an outdated ipod in a few months, but the zen has more space and a bigger screen......can the zen play movies?
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I would get the Zen because it has more memory. I currnently have a 4GB Nano, and I like it, but it can't hold all of the music I want. So, go with the Zen.
Zune = Zen > iPod
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So... the Zen it is, I suppose
I didn't expect such an overwhelming victory, but it's cool :P
Thanks Pit!!
zen !!


Zen ftw! I've had mine a year and a half and despite my clumsiness and dropping it all the time, it's still alive and well.
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The audio quality of the Zen is far superior to the nano.

Sandisk Sansa FTW!
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zen all th way!

much more reliable than 'pods.

anyone notice the typo on th page tho...

"Supports MP£, AAC and WMA files"

made me lol anyway...
Ipods suck there so unrealiable, i got my zen 6months ago for my birthday and my m8 got a nano around the same time, since then the nano has broken three times and his on his third one and my zen is perfect.

Ive never known a zen to break and ive seen ipods at my school freeze all the time
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