I'm going to go ahead and ask a stupid question: If I bought an RG1570 would it be possible to get the paint job on it that's on the RG370DXGP? (White/black camo design) Or would Ibanez consider that as asking for a custom guitar? And last I heard, (long time being) they aren't doing the custom thing.

Someone help me out. >_>
The 1570 is a production model, they won't give you a modded one I don't think. They do a custom shop, but it's exclusive to Japan, and pretty pricey.

You could try to find a body on eBay that has the paint job you want, and then switch all the electronics and hardware over to it, but that's a job and a half, and it's up to you to decide how badly you want that paint job.
There are plenty of people who will refinish a guitar for you if you have something in mind, but it doesn't come that cheap.
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Hmm. Which leaves me with my last question (which has been asked a hundred times but it would make me feel better) Would an Edge Pro fit in as nicely as an Edge III does on the 370? Aside from possible sanding?