hey my band is working on a few songs, we composed a song but we need to write the lyrics, ive written a part of our first song:

The Realms Of Imagination

In your world of imagination
you try to reach the limits
you gotta search far and wide
and travel deep inside your mind
to find the so called realms of imagination

oh no matter where you look
all just seems new to you
you have no idea of what'll happen next...
you travel this world searching for rules
but still you find no realms...


the realms of imagination
are very hard to find
but as u think this world has no limits
youll be in for a big surprise

which is why they are called
the realms of imagination

you gotta search far and wide
But still you will not find
the so called realms of imagination

- listen to it so u have an idea of the type of music the song is related to: www.myspace.com/defrockednuns

plz leave us feed back and avice: the song is:the realms of imagination
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