hey guys ive been lurking around here for quite some time and finally decided to register :p but heres my story ive had a guitar for the last 2-3 yrs, only play it once in a while. I just do it for fun and all. but my current guitar is falling apart, cheap, and im just getting sick of it. Im currently in the market to pick up a new one and I was wondering what you guys think my next guitar should be. my budget is 400 bucks. Im just looking for the best bang for my buck. Also i dont want anything with a floyd rose on it as my current already as one. Thanks in advanced.
Schecter is decent affordable gear. Also look into Jackson stuff or ESP. Just look around.
What style of music do you play?
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since u don't play that much keep ur current guitar and spend the 400$ on drugs and prostitutes..should make for a fun weekend
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i play lot of rock; Tool, AC/DC, and so forth.

LOL@ megathraser00 That would be hell of a weekend but i plan on playing more.
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See if you like these:

The first two are your typical metal and rock machines, the third one adds a little more versatility, it can even do funk decently. Alternatively, see if you can find a Yamaha Pacifica 412V somewhere, it is comparable to the Ibanez in the last link.
i was looking at the Ibanez ART300 before. All the reviews i've read about it has been very good. Ill have to see if my local GC has one instock.
well i went to GC earlier in the day and they had a few instock. So i tried it out, im not pro or would i even call my self an intermediate player but i think i fell in love with this guitar. Also, the finish is 10x better in person than what the image shows . Its has a nice warm sound to it when played clean and a nice crunch when it calls for it. the only question i got for it and im hoping you guys might help me with is:

it has 'Active' pickups on it. What are the advantages vs the disadvantages of having active pickups.
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