There's not really a set time, but in the summer. I think the last ones were in June.
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Not too far away. Isn't it usually Luke who deals with it?
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I know there's a searchbar joke in there somewhere, but cba to search for it.

The 2007 Awards were run by Pannie and timed like this:

Annual UG Awards (Category Suggestions) (started June 2nd)

UG Awards 2007 - Voting Time (started June 6th)

UG Awards 2007 - Results (started June 21st)

So judging by the last one, it looks like you won't have long to wait.
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they are usually in the middle of the year but it really depends on when someone has the time to se them up, tally votes and whatnot. there should be another one within the next couple of months
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