You can look at my other crdentials and my old band.
I left my old band because of the awful music they were playing.
I m looking for a new band in the Toronto area.
I have connections to new shows anywhere so its anthoer up plus my skills.
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Take it to the Musicians Ads section in the Classifieds forum

oh sorry.
Didnt know there was one.
And whyd you report me then?
I'm sick of people questioning why they were reported...it's not hard to ****ing understand is it?

You posted this in the wrong forum, as for not knowing there was no classifieds forum, take a look, its there on the first page.

I didn't report you, I reported your post. This is in the wrong forum so it's cluttering it up. It's been reported so it will be closed, or maybe moved to the correct forum so that it doesn't stay and take up space in the wrong section.

Got it now?