Hi all got my self a yamaha pacifica 2 weeks ago and a small ibanez amp and have started to practice chords and last night started to have a go at a lead intro , but wanted to know what would be the best form of practice ie scales (if so have you a link ) chords etc your advice would be greatly appreciated,Harvey
Scales and chords in equal moderation to start with, learning basic rhythm and lead and how they can go together should be a good foundation.
To be honest, I wouldn't start theory for another good month. Try to play some simple songs and develop strength and other basics. Then you can move onto theory and scales which will make more sense.
Yeah if you just started you really just want to make sure you build up some finger strength. And from my own personal experiance, make sure you know how to hold the pick... I didn't and when I finally learned I felt like an idiot
Check out some easy songs using the open chords (avoid F and B in the beginning though) and practice them until your fingers bleed - or at least until you have gotten the basic chords down nicely. Check out justinguitar.com, you'll find some good songs for beginners there. Knockin' on heavens door by Dylan and One by U2 should get you started nicely.
if i were you id just learn some basic chords (e, a, d, c etc...) just look up basic chords in google or youtube or whatever
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Thanks guys , i`m worried too much of the wrong kind of practice won`t be any good, Harvey