Hey, I was trying to decide what kind of pickups I want to put in my guitar, but I can't really decide between Blackouts or Invaders.

Is it possible/viable to mix them and put an Invader in the bridge and Blackout in the neck?
What are the pros and cons?

The SH-8 Invaders are apparently terrible.

The AHB-1/2 Blackouts are apparently amazing.

But, have you tried either? Play them, then see which you like best.

And yes, you can mix actives and passives, but you would have two choices:
1. Run the two pickups as isolated circuits with their controls, with only an ON-ON DPDT to toggle between them - which would mean no blending.

2. Run the passive pickup (the SH-8) with a 9v preamp before the switch, so that you were switching and blending two 9v circuits.
hmm...Invaders terrible?
well...it doesn't seem to me.
my Invader in bridge position kicks some a**
It rocks...but it rly depends on what you're looking for.
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I haven't really heard much of the Blackouts, but I know I like the sound of the invaders. Has anyone heard much of what the blackouts sound like?

Also, I was thinking of just having them seperate, I'm not sure what they would sound like blended , but I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks again. And thanks for the quick replies.
If you were thinking about the invader, I would considar the Gibson Dirty fingers instead. The dirty fingers pickup is everything the invader wished it was. The dirty fingers is also one of the only pickups gibson is currently making that I would suggest people buy.

I've never tried blackouts so I can't really comment on those.
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