If this is in the wrong area, please move it. I just felt it pertained to bass players more than anyone, since Ampeg is like s household name to bass players.

I checked out LOUD Technologies Wikipedia page today and thought this was very funny. Obviously there are still many bassists angry about LOUD buying out Ampeg's parent company and shipping all of the jobs to China and Vietnam...

"LOUD Technologies was responsible for laying off over 300 US-based employees following the buyout of St. Louis Music, during which all Ampeg and Crate amplifier production was moved to various facilities in Vietnam and China. US sales have since slumped to all-time lows and the market for the US made Ampeg products from the St. Louis Music era is higher than ever.

Portly Canadian CEO Jamie "Pork Vacuum" Engen is perhaps known best not for his business acumen, but rather for his ability to devour an entire Hereford cow in one sitting. He is also the first person to ever perform the feat of actually eating someone's job, although the circumstances around this remain a mystery."


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