Poll: Would you buy a guitar online if you've never played that exact model?
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View poll results: Would you buy a guitar online if you've never played that exact model?
10 77%
3 23%
Voters: 13.
I'm thinking of buying a les paul style electric. I was thinking of going with agile because I heard good things about them but they are an online only distributor. So I'll have no shot at trying the thing out before I buy it which makes me weary. I'd get a gibson but I don't have the $$ for that kind of thing and I really don't like epiphone's from what I've seen of them so far, they seem cheaply put together -- though I'm no real expert about this stuff yet.

There's a GC about 1.5 hours from me, I was thinking of driving up there and seeing what I find but I don't want to be sold a lemon (bad pickup and I don't know it, or worse).

So two questions, should I go with brand names at a GC so I can have the advantage of buying it in person? Or can I trust rondomusic or musicians friend to ship one online? I suppose I could return it if i really don't like it, but I wish I could try it first

Second, this is the list of things I would check if I was looking at a new guitar. Please add to my list so I can be more thorough.

*The finish & overall look of the body
*The action (too high) & no fret buzzing or dead notes
*All the pickups (how can I tell if a pickup is bad??)
*Feel of the neck, comfortability in playing
*Bridge - what do I look for in a bridge? I don't want a floating bridge at this time

Also is there an easy way to tell how well the guitar would stay in tune (quality of the tuning pegs/headstock).
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epiphone les paul custom. it's pretty amazing if you ask me, for the price. and i would take the trip to GC.
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musicians friend is very trusted ive ordered and returned with them many times and i have not had any problems ever. Dont know about rondo musics. But it is best to try out a guitar always before you buy it.
I'm pretty sure if anything goes wrong then rondomusic will take it back....
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If you have seen a guitar that you really like in a GC, have a look on the internet to see if you can find a better price on it. If you can't find a better deal get it from the GC and support you local economy
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I voted yes. I've had pretty good luck so far. Some things you just can't find locally (at least around here) and checking sound bites and asking questions on forums such as this one can give you a pretty good idea if your going to like it or not.
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