Poll: Greatest Superhero Movie?
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2 3%
Iron Man
20 28%
Batman (original series)
6 8%
Batman Begins
14 19%
Superman (original series)
0 0%
Superman Returns
1 1%
X-Men series
6 8%
Spider-Man series
16 22%
Fantastic Four series
0 0%
7 10%
Voters: 72.
Well, cast a vote for your favorite superhero movie of all time! Simple as that.

*Voted for Batman Begins
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If Batman counts as a superhero then either Batman Begins or the original with Michael Keaton.
When Hulk stops failing, and they release World War Hulk.
Spiderman imo. Part of the Hulk 2 was filmed in my town, and i live in a small town so thats pretty cool.
The New iron man film is pretty good and the Spiderman ones are
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I like the Spiderman Series, but I saw Iron Man last night, and I loved it!

So... Iron Man.
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Batman Returns, the one with penguin and all those guys...
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They're universally terrible. I'm sure only the spottiest, geekiest comic kids think otherwise.
Spiderman, although Iron Man and Batman are good too. The Dark Knight looks like it is going to be bad ass.
You can't class all four original Batman films into one series, numbers 3 and 4 were rubbish. one and two and batman begins were gold though..
They should make a movie of Spawn.. But for now, I vote for Iron Man..

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