what are some simple songs I could learn in like fi ve minutes. I need a ditty to pass the time. Thanks.
anything by Nirvana, a lot of ACDC, some Led Zep, a few Metallica songs, as long as you're not trying to learn solos that should be fairly easy work, also, anything by most mainstream bands
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jumpin jack flash by rolling stones

sunshine of your love by cream

joker and the theif by wolfmother
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Anything by Impaled Northern Moonforest. All of their songs are under 1 minute.

Beer Beer by Korpiklaani. Its a one riff song, I wouldn't think it would be too hard.
Molly's Lips - Nirvana. (well its a cover of the vaselines but nirvana's version is better).

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try Song 2 by Blur...thts only short