I was watching Jools Holland last week and saw a guy called Phil Campbell


and I was thinking, is it a good time to be a singer song writer, or are there just too many people? How do you get a unique selling point?

Anyway I think this guys seems good and thankfully is just going for the honest song approach rather than being too 'indie' about it.
There is something about a stripped down performance that people love. Perhaps it is seeing music in its rawest form, and anything can happen. You feel more attached the person singing it as well.
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Sadly they're becoming more and more generic. They're good in doses but it gets old after a while depending on the artist.
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Yeah that is kind of what I was thinking, things are getting "generic", but there is a honesty - as freshtunes said - about just being able to sit with a guitar and sing:


I wouldn't mind being able to do that. I just got Phil Campbell's album and was pleased that he seems to mix it up a bit with country, folk and 'indie rock' all getting involved.
the whole singer-song writer bit annoys me, I like some, but only some with originality