im doing my first bass build and so far i have the pickups neck and a 3 band active eq but i cant decide what kind of bridge to put on it. It's a spector style body and its a p/jazz arrangement w/4 knobs. Is a badass II bridge worth it or are the ones from guitar fetish just as good
I suppose cheap bridges are alright as 'get you bys' but you would be best investing in a decent bridge. As for brands, lots of people seem to put Badass bridges on their fenders, but its expensive if you actually end up not liking it!
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I have a BadAss II on my Ric... the previous owner did that mod. Geddy Lee did the same, so it's all good.

I have to say, it's an amazing bridge, and definitely worth it.
you'll have to get it routed for the string notches. that will cost extra to get it done right by a luthier.
if you prefer working the wood, you might want to see monorails. some like them. I'd prefer a Badass.
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