Okay guys, I'm letting a friend ask a question with my profile, so don't think I'm a noob:

Alright, so I'm looking for a good, cheap, versitile amp for power metal (Metallica, Sabbath) althogh I play a little of everything. About $250 is my budget. I've been looking at the Raven amps, are they any good? thanks
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Vox Valvetronix AD30VT fits that price...

its great for the money
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I don't think Metallica is power metal, but anyway...

I've never heard of Raven amps, but if you have a valvking already, you could upgrade the tubes and speaker, throw in a metal muff, and that should be a huge improvement if you are looking for a better metal tone.
Otherwise, I can only see you affording SS amps... if that is what you want though, just a cheap one, look at Roland, their cubes are good for that.
I played a raven at GC and lets say... there are better. It's just kind of a flat tone, not very exciting. Not recomended.