So I was watching a radiohead concert on TV, and the guitar player was using some kind of weird kajigger to play instead of a pick.

It looked like it was just touching the strings and it was somehow sustaining the sound while he moved his left hand about.

here's a video of the song in question...you can see him using it in the first few seconds.

what is that thing and what exactly is it doing?
It sustains the note you're playing forever until you change it or slip or something.
It's using magnets I assume, in the same way as the Fernandes and Sustainiac pickups.
its an ebow sustains the note by creating an electro magnetic feild making it vibrate longer different principle to the fernandes sustainer i thnk
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where can i get one and how much?
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£65 (about $130 i think). You can get them from most guitar centers.
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