of all the basses I've played that was second worst.
try for Ibanez GSR200. I've never met someone who didn't like.
oh, and check the FAQ. they got all ya need.
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Stay away from the Deans. Stick with Ibanez or something similar.
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Stay away from the Deans. Stick with Ibanez or something similar.

Hey, not all Deans are crap. I have a Dean Edge 4-string and love the thing. its probably one of the better basses ive played.

Sure, the zone series guitars/basses are horrible, but that doesnt make all dean products bad
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Id agree with the people who are reccomending the Ibanez GSR 200s, theyre great basses. Ive been playing about four years, albeit not a lot of the time, and have had a Stagg for two and the Ibanez for the last two years. The Ibanez was about twice the price but it is a lot nicer to play and is way more than twice the bass the Stagg was. And ive no plans to replace the Ibanez yet either, its just a really comfortable bass to use.

It does cost twice as much as the dean, but seeing as the gsr is a common bass, you could probably get a good second hand one in a good guitar store. Have a look around and try out some basses though. and the FAQ thread has a list of the top ten beginner basses in the third and fourth posts, just incase you havent seen it yet. It would be wise to try those basses and see what one suits you best. After all, you will be wanting to be able to use and enjoy the bass for a good few years, otherwise your as well spending it on something else. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=737491

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Stay away from the Deans. Stick with Ibanez or something similar.

I agree, Ibanez or squier are much better value for money for a beginner bass.
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http://www.rondomusic.com/bassguitars4.html ?

Great instruments, which will be backed up by a lot of people I imagine.

I have a fretless model that I got for about $150 CDN that plays way better than any Fender MIM (at about a 1/4 of the cost) and I have heard nothing but good things about their other basses.
I've never tried the rondomusic selections, but I also have heard good things.

I personally would go with a low end Ibanez Soundgear. Some of the best cheap stock pickups out there, just a great deal all around.
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ibanez gsr200 is a really great bass
or a VM squier wich is like 10 times better for just 50$-70$ more
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I have that exact dean TS posted, idk if it was just the guy i bought it from or what but that was a terrible bass, everything about it. I would listen to what these other guys are suggesting because IMO that bass is just terrible.