I heard it was good for the guitars Tone.. so I raised the bridge.. but would it be worth it raise the neck?..
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Well, the higher the pickup, the brighter the tone. It's generally best to keep your pickups at an equal distance from the strings, so you don't get a drop or increase in volume when you switch between pickups. Unless thats the sort of thing your trying to get.
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^ you generally want the bridge pickup closer to the strings than the neck pickup.
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its just a way to get a different tone. play around till you get a tone you like. personally i set my neck pup only 2-4 mm lower than the fretboard. gives you a nice punch and a little fuzz. and i like my bridge pup low (i also like my hot pup in the neck and clean pup in the bridge, i may be tonally dislexic).
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i also like my hot pup in the neck and clean pup in the bridge, i may be tonally dislexic

That way your neck pup will sound like a fart and your bridge pup won't have any bite.