Hello all.

I have an insane love of metal and am now forming a band. I'm wondering if I should upgrade. I've had my guitar for years but only really started caring since December. Then in March I went nuts playing and still am. My sound and distortion has been quite disappointing though. In some songs I play when chords are hung out my guitar dies out 2-3 seconds before the song does.

Only I'm thinking. 1. Do I really need an upgrade. 2. If so, big or small?

I can play these 5 songs currently.

Perun's Celestial Silver - Nokturnal Mortum.
Where Dead Angels Lie - Dissection
Scorched Earth - Marduk (Missing a riff)
Pure Holocaust - Immortal (Don't know the last 2 riffs)
My Journey to the Stars - Burzum (missing last 2 minutes. So I only know 5 minutes of it.)

I can't play the solos on any. Yet I haven't even attempted them either. I also am now learning Mother North by Satyricon, and Shadows over Transylvania by Dark Funeral. Both of these songs are not giving me any trouble. The only troubling thing is finding tab I agree with.

I can play these standing, at the song's actual speed and all in a row. The issue is that I'm playing a lot of Black Folk and Viking metal. Mainly Black Metal. Which is usually simple power chords or notes being tremolo picked. In all of these genres often other instruments can take the lead.

Based on the songs I can play can I play "fast"? Am I a beginner or intermediate?

I currently play a blue ESP LTD H-51, stock pickups on a Line 6 Spider III 75 amp.

Should I (and do I have the skill) to upgrade to better then the lowest end LTD? Or should I stick on my course? I'm thinking maybe just some Duncan Invaders in to kick up the sound for now.

So, what is your say?
Try getting some sustaining pickups. Or raising your guitar actions, that would give you more sustain but less speed on the fretboard. Do you need speed on the fretboard? Anyway, if your gear is hindering you, upgrade. That's how I got most of my stuff, my bass and guitar+amps.
Get a compressor for sustain. It's cheaper than upgrading everything else.

If you're not happy with the amp's tone and a pedal solution doesn't work, then go ahead and get a different one. If you're fine with it, keep it. Don't get a new one just because Line 6 isn't the "in" thing right now.
ya buy a new amp, you shouldnt grade your progress on the songs you can play, but the techniques you can use and how you an implement muscial theory in making your own music.
however i am impressed you can play that sorta stuff at the amount of time you've been playing, although i recomend branching out a bit and learning more styles
What is the relation between the guitar role in the sound vs the amplifier's role in the sound exactly?
amp= about 90% of your tone/sound
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What is the relation between the guitar role in the sound vs the amplifier's role in the sound exactly?

The guitar only makes up about 40% of your tone, so the majority of it depends on what kind of rig you're playing through.

Save up, and get both a new guitar and amp.
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