So, yesterday... I went over to her house... for her brother's birthday party.

..Blah blah, long story short: We were making out all over the house. Some of the kids saw us.

Then went and told her mom: "Hey! Guess what! We saw him stick his tongue down her throat! And she let him do it!"

That kinda sucked... but her mom is kinda cool, so she was okay with it.


After the party was over, I stayed over for longer...

We were in her basement.

Doing some things...

We didn't get into anything that bad.

But... she was on top of me, and she was moaning, as she was humping me... and I was squeezing her tits... etc...

Then... her dad walked in.

Bad stuff.

He played it off like he wasn't that mad...

But now I'm talking to her on the phone, and her parents are pissed. At both her, and me.

What should I do?
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Use a lock?
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Here's what you should do: get a time machine, go back to before the party, and learn NOT to be an idiot.
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Pretend nothing happened and then try and come off as really nice for the next few weeks.
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Yeah, go over there and uhh talk to them..?

Good job though!!
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say she fell on you while you were playing uhhh tennis?
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edit: damn!
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Do nothing. It'll sort itself out. They can't stop you having sex, and even if they do it won't be the end of the world. Her parents - her problem.
Get some flowers for her mom and apologize with a sweet kitten face.Women will make men understand.If you say she's ok.
And next time....relationship thread i think would be more suitable for this.Yeah, be more careful while the folks are home.
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edit: damn!

you failed

on topic, TS, seriously, parents are only as scary as you let them be. my girlfriends parents are BIKERS her dad is HUGE and buff. but im not scared of him, he's almost like one of my friends.

only he drives a harley.
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God dammit people.

be up front with them. tell them your trying to get in their daughter's pants
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Dont start humping each other until her parents are out of the house, you horny bastard. A little self control isn't going to kill you.
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