I plan to buy myself a Les Paul Special II of a friend of mine for cheap. Of all you on here who plays one, what's your honest opinion of them?

If you plan to post "They suck" I already know the propaganda, no need to waste time typing and clicking.
I got some good guitars, yo.
well, they feel and sound VERY cheap. whats he selling it to you for? it may be worth it if its really cheap, but you'd have to change the pickups and i'd recommend changing the strings to 10s or 11s if they arent already on. otherwise, the guitar will just feel flimsy.
A friend of mine has one its not a terrible guitar. After being set up etc its plays decent. He doesnt play hours every day so doesnt really need more. If your getting a cheap enough price wont be a bad deal.
borrow that one. string it up correctly, and play it most of the day. if it stays in tune and the fret buzz isnt out of control then ok.

if it falls out of tune constantly, and there's no way to get the action low enough, then dont.

i've played a few, when testing amps. GC always has them around ready to be plugged in. i find them to be VERY hit or miss. even more so than some squier models at similar price.

good luck.

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If its less then 100$, go for it. Put EMG's in it and it will sound like most guitars with emg's: Not splendid, but far from bad either.
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i would try it out first because i went to gc earlier and tried some of the special 2s .. went through like 15 and found one that played like a standard epi
Ive got one, it was my first guitar, its much better value for money than the crappy squiers.
The pickups arent incredable but if you have a good amp then you can get some OK sounds out of it.
The tuners arent great IMO, they arent 100% stable but as long as you tune it before every practice its no problem (mines tuned every week or whenver i feel it needs it).
If you can or know someone who can setup guitars well, then its well worth doing, my guitar teacher did mine for me and the actions pretty good.
Also i find that the neck is abit uncomfortable and wide but i have small hands so try it before you buy it.
The body is good and theres no problem with the bridge so theres potential if your willing to mod it (im considering getting some duncans and new tuners).
Also if your going to get upgrades its worth getting a new iput jack as mine stopped working once but it was fixed easily.

hope that helps
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