I'm mainly into metal and i'm more than likely going to be buying a Schecter hellraiser this Tuesday if I like the feel of it. I was planning on getting a 30w vox valvetronix, but then I started thinking and I prettymuch decided I dont need 30w when i'm just going to be playing in my bedroom. So I could use some suggestions on a 15w tube amp thats around $250 or less.

Or should I just stick with the 30w vox?
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For bedroom you really don't even need 15 watts of tube. I just got the 5 watt Vavle Jr for home practice and it's more then enough for me. The head/cab is a bit louder then the combo with better bottom end, but that's due to a 12" speaker compared to the 8" in the combo. either one is a nice little amp and both accept pedals really well.
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