yea when you asked to critique urs... i had actually already listened to it.
it was part of my inspiration to redo my last one.

Your guitar made me actually wanna learn Jeff Buckleys guitar parts.
Her singing helped me alot with the vocal line.

But ill listen to it again to critique further. im gonna feel like a hypocrit while critiquing her singing.

Your guitar is sounding pretty solid. Your singer shouldnt have to hold back, but she does sometimes. I like to pronouce it Hah lai lu yah. I think your guitar is just slightly out of tune. One tip (that I cant say I do often haha, but my vocalist does) is to go abit further from the mic during the louder parts.

I dont crit much so im not sure what else to say. I might be able to help with guitar tone and some technical stuff. Where did you put your mic? Did you use 2 tracks? What kind of mic do you use?

Edit: I also wanted to mention looking at the EQ advice on the homepage and try some reverb on the vocs(if you didnt already) http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/columns/the_guide_to/getting_the_best_out_of_your_recording.html
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That's so bad I think you just gave me cancer.

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What did you do? Fart into a microphone?
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Thanks for the detailed crit.

We actually just did it one take on a crappy computer mic.

actually i used a 10 dollar computer mic for my cover too. I did mine 1 take but I did a seperate track for guitar than singing just so i could hear my voice come through the speakers
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That's so bad I think you just gave me cancer.

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What did you do? Fart into a microphone?
very good.

A few things, would sound better if the guitar was fuller. It seemed very thin.

The singer was hitting all the notes spot on. My critique is that she should work on her pronounciation, such as her "r's." They sound a little forced.

Other than that, it was really good. Could you crit my Wet Sand outro? It's in my profile.
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i went to have a listen to the jeff buckley and instead had a butchers at the rest of your songs as well.
really like the muse cover, the guitar sounds really good, as are the vocals though it feels there's little emotion in the singing. something i think is quite important to really get across.
its a bit similar in that vain to the jeff buckley though a better effort from your singer in that there's changes in dynamics that means she has to put more feeling in it.

but all round very good! especially if its being recorded in one take straight onto a computer.
wow, great cover. the guitar was good, tho it sounded out of tune, but maybe it was just me. the vocals is the one that makes this cover great. great singing. i can play this too, but finding someone to sing good is hard.
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